Friday, February 27, 2009

Not your mother's knitting

Chicks with sticks...ahem what?
Knitting with balls...hmmm
happy hooker?
Yarn ho?
Bag whore?
Stitch and Bitch?

What is going on? Have I come to the right place? I am here to knit....Oh, you do that here? Magic what? Ravelry-do you mean revelry, no, ravelry, oh.

I feel like a freshman at college being initiated into a fraternity. Everything is new and different and I am curious, confused, scared and excited. Luckily, my hazing has simply consisted of having to learn crazy new lingo in order to understand a word people are saying, and a rude-ish owner of a LYS.
I feel lucky to be part of this inclusive club and and am going to work on my magic loop now at my stich and bitch with some chicks with sticks, yarn hoes and bag whores. Maybe a happy hooker or two will show up and say YO. I hope some knitters with balls show up at some point.
Casting off~ Julz

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My socks, my lovely lady socks!

I have had the best knitting day ever! First, I went to Helene's and knit with everyone, super fun! Then I came home, took Chloe out to play for a while, had yummy dinner (west si-eed), then I finished my socks! Oh yeah, I kitchenered up that bullshiznit.
Now, it is midnight and I am off to bed, but not before giving props to my homies in the knitting world. Did I mention that I am obsessed with knitting? I heart u knitting.