Sunday, August 30, 2009

The new Organic

I love the new use of the term organic. It can be applied to anything that just feasibility just happens...well, I am working on developing an organic approach to knitting...I just had a major project go south because either I didn't pay enough attention to the pattern, or I made some other catastrophic mistake...things just didn't go back to basics, back to me, back to knitting for relaxation and enjoyment...back to no pressure knitting. This is where it all started...well it was "no pressure" crochet really, but lets not split hairs. I feel like things started off very well, very personal, very...oh I don't know, simple. Then somehow, somewhere I got it in my mind that I should complicate matters a whole lot and switch from simple crocheted scarfs to difficult robe d'ete's and socks, and vests and shrugs *shrugging*, oh well, I guess that is what we do, as humans; we complicate our lives to make ourselves feel more important, or to give ourselves a sense of purpose. This complication exists not only in my knitting, but in my personal life too. Sometimes I feel of the party...full of confidence, but sometimes, man, I just want to sit back, relax and watch the show. The problem is that people are creatures of habit, and if you are on fire one day--well, they expect you to be on fire the next day too, and the one after that. You are the fire cracker. You are the one who entertains. You are no longer allowed to be entertained or you will disappoint your audience. What people need to understand is that relationships, interactions, experiences, happenings....need to just happen, man. Organically.